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Pre Sales Customer Support.


Optimal System Design, based on a technical solution to answer demands is what MC-S grew up with.  Some of the projects require attention from the first stage of development onwards. MC-S developed interfaces and software in advance of delivering products. Most of the system solutions there for will include a substantial technical component.

We take care that our contacts with the manufacturers we represent are direct via short decision lines. We are your contact with the manufacturer of the products, not a layer in between.


When a standard product does not meet all requirements, whether it is hardware or software related our Systems department will search for the best possible solution. MC-Systems advises about:

Cases, rugged and or waterproof,

Mountings for tablets, displays or camera’s

Mounting possibilities in respect with power- and signal cabling.

Platform lay-out regarding environmental conditions.

Software changes


Furthermore the pre-sales MC-Support team can be directly contacted regarding:

Order status, shipping info, small changes to deliveries, technical bulletins all by means of e-mail, telephone, chat- or Skype sessions.


After Sales Customer Support.


It takes good support to sell twice* has been the guideline for many years.

After Sales support can take care of, or has solutions regarding:

  • Software Image maintenance
  • Update and upgrade policy
  • Warranty procedures are the way customers need
  • Keeping track of drivers and offering technical bulletins
  • Manuals on-line
  • Battery exchange programs. Never worry about worn out batteries
  • Trade in and return product programs
  • Spare parts. Most of our products require a long support time.  MC-Support covers.


Our MC-Support team can be reached 24/7 and responds fast. We think you would like to talk to people with knowledge, not a first-line help desk “ please fill in this form” organisation.

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