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MiniR 700
  DSRs 480 Solid State File Server
And Airborne Recorder
  AMux 600
minir   DSRs480wit   amux600
DSRs 440 Solid State
Disk Recording System
  DSRs 400J
Solid State Data Recorder
  DSRs 400B
Solid State Data Recorder
dsrs_440   dsrs400j-125px   dsrs400b-125px
RMDs720 Recorder
Mission Download Station
Interface for Integrators
  DSRs 420
Rackmount recorder
basermds720   rmdsoemkit   Ampex DSRs 420 Rackmount Recorder
    DSRs 410
Playback Ground Station






SES Solid State Data Recorders

The S3DR product family is a low cost, high performance, rugged solution to the processing and data recording needs of environmentally challenging embedded systems, such as those found in aerospace, defence, naval, vehicle and safety-related or high performance industrial applications.




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SES offer a family of Solid State Data Recorders into markets that demand performance in the harshest of environments.

These data recorders offer high-speed, large capacity storage to the challenging demands associated with Aerospace and Naval applications. The S3DR family is suitable to a wide variety of applications and supports numerous data acquisition, I/O and recording options.

Products within the S3DR family cover the complete spectrum of size and performance that are required to address all sectors of this marketplace. Many of the products are designed for customisation, allowing the range to address bespoke as well as standard requirements. Additional interfaces continue to be added, often in response to standards initiatives or specific market demand, so if an interface appears to be missing, don't hesitate to contact us as it may be in development. The products offer exceptional performance and value for money.

SES will continue to develop the product family to ensure that the S3DR range always offers the fastest, smallest, highest capacity data recording solutions in their respective market place.

The S3DR-E product offers data rates of 500Mbs, with storage capacity in excess of 300GB, while the S3DR-C offers data rates of 60Mbs with storage on high speed PC cards (max capacity 16GB). SES have three further recorder families with performance in-between these extremes.

Learn more about our S3DR products here:

Solid State Data Recorder - Fascia Mounted

Solid State Data Recorder - Fascia Mounted Plus

Solid State Data Recorder - Fascia Mounted Expanded

Solid State Data Recorder - Fascia Mounted Bulk Storage

Solid State Data Recorder - Compact

Solid State Data Recorder - Compact Plus

Solid State Data Recorder - Compact Expandable

Solid State Data Recorder - Compact Voice Recorder

Solid State Data Recorder - Compact Bulk

Solid State Data Recorder - Expandable

Solid State Data Recorder - Engine Monitoring Unit

Multi-Channel Video and Data Recorder


SES S3DR data recorders are equally applicable to civil and military applications, providing high-speed data acquisition and recording applications for many different uses.

Recent civil applications have included police surveillance recording, power-line surveillance systems, airborne RF recordings for air traffic control research, as well as recording of multiple data sources during surgical procedures.

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