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Ruggedized Miniature Video Camera

The GLE/RMVC-200 comes in a small, portable and waterproof case, that includes the installation and cleaning tools and all of the selected accessories, making it ready to be quickly and easily installed.

Applications include:

  • Flight Testing Instrumentation
  • Stores / Payloads separation
  • Head-Up Display / Cockpit Video Recording
  • Video monitoring in Harsh Environment
  • Vehicle testing
  • Motor sport


{2jtab: Overview}

GLE/RMVC-200 is a miniature and rugged color video camera designed for on-board instrumentation and testing applications.

It is based on a well proven small and high quality ½ inch Charge Coupled Device (CCD) sensor, installed in an EMI shielded, harsh-environment-tight aluminum precisely machined enclosure. This camera provides 460/470 television lines of resolution and its output can be set in composite or Y/C video signal; the integrated electronic shutter can operate up to 1/1000 s.

Its use is very simple, no external control box is required, the user can remotely control via standard RS232C various functions such as Shutter Speed, Red/Blue level, Pedestal, AGC and CCD IRIS.

Particular care has been dedicated to its mechanical design, the result is a very small, lightweight and at the same time very robust unit; the "lens locking clamps" support different miniature lenses to maintain their optimal focus setting also under heavy vibrations. An adapter allows the use of standard 'C' Mount lenses.

A small side door protects the camera manual settings and provides quick access to them without disassembly the camera enclosure.

A series of precision mounting holes, strengthened by stainless steel Heli-Coil® threaded inserts, makes simple the installation, providing flexibility to satisfy various mounting needs:

-thanks to its slim body and low mass it can be directly and safely installed on any surface;
-the optional dual-axis mounting trays provide the possibility to adjust the pointing angles and to achieve alternative image orientation without the need to rotate the internal CCD sensor.

This camera, designed with MIL-STD specification in mind, has been environmentally tested, to verify its safe operation and correct performance, under severe mechanical conditions, in an extended temperature range and in a wide DC voltage supply range. The exceptional rugged construction, miniature size, lightweight and high image quality make this camera suited for the most demanding applications in space-restricted and severe environment conditions.

{2jtab: Standard Features}

Standard Features

  • Miniature Size and Lightweight
  • Exceptionally rugged high-G construction
  • Extended operating temperature range
  • Wide DC voltage supply range
  • 2000 Lux sensitivity / 3 Lux minimum illuminationRMVC-200
  • Wide dynamic range and excellent SNR
  • CVBS (NTSC/PAL) or Y/C Video output
  • Automatic and Manual White Balance
  • External Synchronization (HD/VD, VS and CSync)
  • High speed shutter control
  • One piece camera - no external control box
  • RS232C remote control interface

{2jtab: Applications}

  • Flight Testing Instrumentation
  • Stores / Payloads separation
  • Head-Up Display / Cockpit Video Recording
  • Video monitoring in Harsh Environment
  • Vehicle testing
  • Motor sport


{2jtab: Brochures and Documents}

GLE/RMVC-200 Brochure

GLE/RMVC-200 News



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