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BAY SYSTEMS is a specialist engineering company supplying noise and vibration software, hardware, facility design and consultancy services.


The company was established in July 1990 and has many successful customers in the UK and around the world.
This customer base includes many of the worlds largest and most prestigious companies: -
Honda, Westland, BAe, Ford, Delphi, Komatsu, Dyson...

The range of products and services offered includes: -

  • Design and construction of NVH facilities- hemi-anechoic chambers
  • BARS Ultra Portable Data Acquisition and Recording System 4 – 24+ channels
  • nVision NVH acquisition and analysis software
  • Vibrant Technology Deflection shape and Modal analysis software
  • Electro-magnetic Shakers and vibration controllers
  • Accelerometers, light weight and high temperature to 400 degrees C
  • Microphones for all applications including temperatures to 125 degrees C


 Tyre Cavity Microphone (TCM)
Wind Noise Microphone

The TCM is a remote controlled radio microphone designed to capture the noise inside the tyre's cavity.

TCM250The TCM comprises two small curved aluminum modules, interconnecting cable, radio receiver with integral antenna, magnetic antenna with 5 meter cable, for in-vehicle recording.
The two aluminum modules are tensioned against the wheel hub by a stainless steel harness. The modules are connected by a multicore umbilical cable that includes the antenna.

The TMC is controlled by a radio key fob. On standby the TCM battery last 7 days and when transmitting continuously 8 hours. It can be turned off between recordings to allow recording over several days.

The Radio receiver, with BNC socket, provides an output signal suitable for analysis and recording systems.

The radio ling range is dependent on wheel and body screening but is typically >10 meters.



Bay Systems Wind Noise Microphone


An accurate and cost effective solution for the measurement of wind/turbulent flow induced noise

The Bay Systems Wind Noise Microphone is supplied with all signal conditioning needed to allow the signal to be recorded using a standard ADC system. The data presented in this technical note was collected using the BAY Acquisition and Reporting System (BARS) which is a 24bit ADC with a choice of +/-1v and +/-10volt range and IEPE power. The input range used for this
work was +/-10v. The typical frequency response of the BAY WNM is flat to better than +/- 3dB
from 80Hz-8kHz.



BARS - Bay Acquisition & Recording System

Smaller, Lighter, Faster and Best Value For Money was the request.

BARS is a solution for both low, mid and high channel count data acquisition, importantly our offer is at a purchase and through life price that every user can afford.

Exceptional Quality
Very high performance 24 Bit Analogue to digital and digital to analogue conversionHigh quality branded micro-PC with genuine daylight readable 1024 x 600 screen Easy to use recording software designed for the small screen size Ruggedly packaged in strong, military grade leather cases to protect the micro PC and acquisition system.



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