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The AMux™ 600 is a modular and configurable multiplexer/de-multiplexer that works with both DSRs 400/440 and miniR 700 Data Recorders.

The Amux 600 multiplexer features IRIG 106 Chapter 10 compliant packetization. It is designed for rugged, and harsh airborne environments. Input channels are provided in modular forms that can be combined and configured to suit different application requirements. It may be connected to either a DSRs400/440 recorder via the IMS (Internal Multiplexer subsystem) or a miniR700 recorder via an adaptor module such as mR-X01. Since the I/O modules of Amux 600 are mechanically compatible with miniR 700, they may be attached to miniR directly as one unit. The recorded data is demultiplexed via software on a Windows or Linux-based platform on Ampex Model DSRs 410 or 410ex Ground Playback Systems.

  • amux600Hardware Multiplexing and De-multiplexing
  • Software DeMux on PC
  • Compact size
  • Rugged / Airborne
  • IRIG 106 Chapter 10 Recording Format
  • Modular design
  • Compatible with DSRs400/440 and miniR 700

Typical Applications

    • Test Ranges 
    • Flight Test, Radar Development
    •  Shipboard/Airborne Acoustic Sonar Acquisition
    •  Elint/Comint Data Acquisition
    •  Satellite/Missile Telemetry
    •  UAV Surveillance
    •  Homeland Security Acquisition
    •  EO/IR& SAR Sensors


      Input Module Channels Input/Encoder Types
      AM-111 1 RS-170/NTSC/PAL encoded in MPEG-2 TS up to 25Mbps
      AM-122 2 RS-170/NTSC/PAL encoded in two separate MPEG2/4 TS's up to 15Mbps (Includes two audio inputs and one of them with Event Marking tone function.)
      AM-11a4 4 RS-170/NTSC/PAL video input (1440x960, 1440x1152) along with two audio inputs ("a" type inter-module interface)
      AM-12a1 1 SMPTE292-296 (1080i, 720p) with two audio inputs ("a" type inter-module interface)
      AM-150 1 Motion JPEG-2000 encoder (1024x1280) with two-channel audio encoders
      AM-15F 1 FC-AV (HSVN-9 interface for AM-150)
      AM-156 6 Audio: CVSD at 32Kbps rate
      AM-160a - Motion JPEG-2000 encoder (1440x960, 1440x1152, 1080i, 720p) along with two-channel audio encoders ("a" type inter-module interface)
      AM-170a - H.264/MPEG4 encoder w/2Chs audio encoders ("a" type inter-module interface) AM-204 4 MIL-STD-1553B bus monitor for dual redundant buses
      AM-228 8 ARINC 429 bus monitor
      AM-241 1 FPDP
      AM-304 4 PCM: NRZ-L data with clock
      AM-312 2 PCM (with bit-sync capability)
      AM-414 32 bits Parallel (Programmable 8x3/16x2/32x1)
      AM-454 4 RS-232, RS-422/485 up to one million bauds
      AM-504 4 Analog at 16-bit resolution (Programmable Gain/Offset/Resolution)
      AM-524 4 Analog with ICP interface at 16-bit resolution (Programmable Gain/Offset/Resolution)
      AM-601 2 High-speed general-purpose serial ports
      AM-801 1 Ethernet input module (10/100/1000) for frames, UDP and TCP

      Please contact us for more informations about the different Input Models

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